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The revised edition of Genealogy and Biographical Sketches of Descendants of Abraham Tegarden, compiled by HELEN ELIZABETH VOGT and published in 1988 by George & Shirley Teegarden with revisions compiled by Helen Elizabeth Vogt carries Copyright 1988 by George & Shirley Teegarden, all rights reserved.  This reproduction of the index pages of the book and the images of other pages are supplied by permission of the Copyright Holder solely to indicate the content of the book.  This Site and any content appearing on it may not be published, broadcast or otherwise distributed without the prior written permission of Copyright Holder.

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        Adams, Anna Mae8 573

        .....Beatrice 573

        .....Carrie L.8 573

In this example, taken from the book index, the superscript number "8" indicates the generation from the family founder in America.  The trailing number, 573 in this case, is the page number in the printed book where the reference can be found.  Click the page numbers to see images of the pages from the book. 

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Segmented Index, ( page sizes = 130 KB to 160 KB):

1.        Ackley Covered Bridge -to- Cecil, Richard8, III

2.        Chace, Paul A -to- Fussell, Charles Leroy

3.        Gabel, Gerald Frank -to- Justice, Stephen Ellis

4,        Kaiser, Donald -to- Myrick, Brenda

5.        Nagel, Herbert -to- Sherwood, Louis Oscar

6.        Shick, Carol M. -to- Tedrow, Vernon8

7.        Teegarden, Aaron Alvis8 - to- Teegardin, Zelma7

8.        Teeguarden, Abraham - to- Zonker, Maxine

Entire Index, (page size = 1,095 KB):

Ackley Covered Bridge -to- Zonker, Maxine  

Additional detail on these individuals can also be found at Alan Streit & Joanne Mandell Streit's genealogy site.

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